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Summer's Hectic with Sales of Eutectics

 The unexpected surge in temperatures during the month of July created an equally expected surge in the demand of the humble Eutectic Plate.  Popular commercially these plates will freeze at a temperature of -23C and maintain a holding temperature of approximately -21C which will vary according to surrounding ambient temperatures at the time. For more information please contact or give us a call.

Rare Opportunity to purchase 'once used' Dolav Pallet Boxes

 A rare opportunity to purchase some 'once used' Dolav Pallet Boxes.  Immaculate condition, the boxes measure 1200 x 1000 x 740mm and are a single injection moulded box with integral runners.  With the retail price for new being £135.00 plus delivery and VAT, this second hand alternative in virtually new condition offers a substantial saving priced at £95 per box plus delivery and VAT.  Discounts are available for larger purchases.  For more information please contact

The Elcold E151LT Chest Freezer

An extremely popular chest freezer widely used in the commercial secdtor but also suitable for domestic use.  Click below for more details.


Crate Hire 

Plastic storage containers are a proven effective solution to store handle and distribute products but are there times when for short periods only, you find that you need a few more. In cases such as these there is no need to purchase when you can hire containers from IQ Storage.

So don’t rely on an assortment of cardboard boxes which could pose H&S issues when being stacked, give IQ Storage a call and let us quote you for short, medium or extended hire periods.

We want your boxes 

In an age where recycling is becoming more and more prevalent, here at IQ Storage we are always keen to promote the use of secondhand boxes from both a cost effective and ecological perspective.

Therefore we are always interested to hear from you if you have a quantity of second hand boxes for sale that you think we may be interested in. In addition we offer a 'Buy Back' scheme whereby we are happy to consider re-purchasing stock sold to our customers previously as new. Any price offered would be dependent upon product type, quality and quantity.

If you have a quantity of product that you feel we may be interested in please contact us by email or on 07850 782278


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